We have four camping sites available which are located under neath a camelthorn tree. Each campsite is equipped with their own own braai, shower, toilet and dishwashing basin outside.

Campsites are equipped with solar lights and a Brad Harrison plug or charging point.

Wood and ice will be available at the shop.

Enjoy the authentic experience of camping on the red Kalahari sands under a sky full of stars.


The name Dreghorn is of Celtic origin and is derived from distant Scotland, a stark contrast to the arid Kalahari.
Dreghorn is a village in North Ayrshire, Scotland, 3.5 kilometres to the east of Irvine town centre, on the old main road from Irvine to Kilmarnock. It is sited on a ridge between two rivers.


After the First World War (1913-1917), the region was surveyed by a Scott called Rodger “Malkop” Duke Jackson who subdivided the region into farms. Jackson was a colourful character and named many of these farms after landmarks of his homeland. Most of these names are still in use today and includes many water holes in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park and surrounding commercial farms in the area.